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Mark 24 Cation Conductivity System

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The Martek Mark 24 Cation Conductivity System provides accurate, on-line determination of specific and cation conductivity values  as well as calculated pH measurements in ultrapure water processes. Calibrated to ASTM and NIST standards, the Martek Mark 24 Cation Conductivity System displays data in direct engineering units on a large colorful display while offering both digital and analog output signals for external recorders and other data acquisition equipment. 

While specific conductivity provides measurement of total impurities, cation conductivity further refines the conductivity measurement to yield invaluable data. Utilizing a strong acid hydrogen cation exchange resin column, cationic species and amines such as ammonia and sodium are removed while mineral salts such as chloride and sulfate are converted into more conductive acids. Utilizing a well-proven algorithm, a pH measurement can also be determined from specific and cation conductivity values for systems utilizing ammoniated chemistry.

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A cooled condensate sample stream is fed to the Martek Mark 24 Cation Conductivity System. The sample flow is controlled by a flow meter and directed to a conductivity sensor that measures the specific conductivity of the inlet stream. Next, the sample passes through a cation exchange column then is fed through a second conductivity sensor that measures the cation conductivity before exiting to drain. In addition, the specific and cation conductivity measurements can be used to provide a calculated pH measurement eliminating the need for additional, costly instrumentation.


• Multiple measurement checkpoints make the Mark 24 a trusted panel in the most critical environments
• Backed by ASTM and NIST standards so you can trust the outputs and move on
• Sleek and thoughtful design make even this panel portable


• Measures and displays Specific, Cation, Cation, Conductivities, and Calculated pH
• Large, colorful screen displays up to four sample points simultaneously
• User-friendly interface and easy-to-use menus in seven languages
• Up to eight analog current outputs
• Up to six alarm and control relays
• Multiple digital communication protocols
• NEMA 4X, IP66 waterproof rated analyzer case allows field-compatible upgrades via USB data port
• Portable stand available


The ability to provide traceable calibration and verification data make the Mark 24 Cation Conductivity System ideal for a variety of applications related to ultrapure water analysis:

• Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Power Generation
• Condensate polishing Systems and Demineralizers
• Semiconductor Fabrication
• Pharmaceutical Manufacturing plants
• Other Industrial applications where ultrapure water monitoring is essential

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