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Mark 22 Starter Kit+ (conductivity & pH)

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Save more than $600 when you purchase the Mark 22 Starter Kit+ which includes all the accessories you need for portable ultrapure water analysis of conductivity and pH.

The Mark 22 is the easiest way to measure conductivity and pH for ultrapure water processes in one portable package.

Also known as the Mark 22 Calibrator, it is a completely portable analyzer capable of verifying the performance of on-line conductivity and pH monitors. Designed to eliminate grab sample analysis and the inherent errors due to carbon dioxide contamination, the Mark 22 can be calibrated in the laboratory to traceable NIST and ASTM standards, then carried to the sample panel for direct measurement of the sample stream. This light weight analyzer contains its own rechargeable battery power supply, internal clock, memory, and both analog and digital communications port. The Mark 22's large back-lit display provides both raw and temperature-compensated data in direct engineering units while its menu-driven software makes calibration and data logging easy and straightforward.

While Martek Instruments offers its own certified, unbreakable conductivity reference cells and pH sensor, the Mark 22 can also be used with any conductivity reference cell or pH electrode regardless of manufacturer. 

p/n 182-10B2






Sensor Type


0 to 100℃

0.01 ℃

±0.1 ℃ 

Thermolinear array


0 to 1.0000 µS/cm

0 to 10.000 µS/cm

0 to 100.00 µS/cm

0 to 1000.0 µS/cm

0.0001 µS/cm

0.001 µS/cm

0.01 µS/cm


±0.001 µS/cm

±0.01 µS/cm

±0.1 µS/cm

±1.0 µS/cm

2-element cell

Type 316 SS


0 to 14 pH units

0.01 pH units

±0.1 pH units

Combination glass electrode with double junction reference

*NOTE: The accuracy of conductivity measurements is dependent on appropriate cell constant in the scale of measurement and on the quality of the electrode.


6 volt internal rechargeable battery pack. 120 or 240 volts AC, 50/60 Hz Battery Charger

Printer Output

Serial ASCII RS232C digital output. 0-1 volt DC analog output

Case Dimensions

6.80 inches (17.27 cm) width x 4.42 inches (11.23 cm) height x 8.60 inches (21.84 cm) depth

Case Weight

8.0 pounds (3.64 kg)


NEMA 12 extruded aluminum enclosure coated to MIL SPECS

Manufactured in



Part Number



Mark 22


Conductivity Reference Cell (0-100µS/cm)


Battery Charger


Calibration Cable


Cal Plug (0 uS/cm)


Cal Plug (1 uS/cm)


pH Sensor


Type 316 Stainless Steel Flow Chamber for pH Sensor


pH Adapter Plug for Flow Chamber


Carrying Case



NOTE: All prices FOB Factory and include the following warranties against defects in materials or workmanship: Analyzer- 1 year, Conductivity Sensors- Lifetime. Consult factory for specific warranty information. Specifications and prices subject to change without prior notice. 


- Provides instant validation of on-line measurements that lead to effective decision-making
- Calibrates on-line equipment with ease, saving lots of time
- Transforms anyone into an “expert” in water quality analysis


- Autoranging conductivity measurements
- User-selectable temperature compensation formulas for conductivity
- Solution-Compensation measurements for both conductivity and pH
- Automatic electronic temperature calibration
- Up to four pre-set cell constants
- Certified Calibration Plugs for electronic calibration of conductivity
- Data storage in non-volatile RAM with RS232 digital output at user-selectable printing intervals
- 0-1 volt analog recorder output
- Removable carrying strap and built-in stand


The ability to provide traceable calibration and verification data make the Mark 22 ideal for a variety of applications related to ultrapure water analysis:

- Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Power Generation
- Condensate Polishing Systems and Demineralizers
- Semiconductor Fabrication
- Pharmaceutical Manufacturing plants
- Metrology Labs
- Other Industrial applications where ultrapure water monitoring is essential

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