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Heater Cartridge Assembly

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The Martek Degas systems represent the pinnacle of degassed cation conductivity measurements. At the heart of these systems is the Reboiler, a small, efficient chamber for removing the dissolved carbon dioxide in the sample stream before the sample is measured by a conductivity sensor. Powered by heating cartridges, the Reboiler provides quick heating in only 2-3 minutes. However, over time, the heating cartridges lose their efficiency as resistivity drops. As such, they are considered a consumable item and must periodically be replaced, depending on usage.

Three Reasons for Unmatched Efficiency and Clarity

  • Easy to replace.  The Heating Cartridge Assembly can be easily replaced from the Reboiler. 

  • Both 120V & 240V versions are available.  We provide world-wide coverage in terms of electrical requirements. 

UL & CE approved.  For those that care, we got you covered.



4.50” x 2.0” LW (Width of Retention Disc)


0.5 lbs


Type 316 Stainless Steel


6 months

Manufactured in



Part Number



Heating Cartridge Assembly, Jones Plug (Square) (specify 120 or 240V)


Heating Cartridge Assembly, Round Connector (specify 120 or 240V)

NOTE: All prices FOB Factory. Consult the factory for specific warranty information. Warranty subject to certain conditions. Specifications and prices subject to change without prior notice. 


We offer two styles of connectors: Jones Plug (Square) for customers using our older systems and the Round Connector for everything else.


The Heating Cartridge Assembly, when used in conjunction with a Martek Degas System provides ideal monitoring for the following applications:

- Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Power Generation
- Condensate polishing Systems and Demineralizers
- Semiconductor Fabrication
- Pharmaceutical Manufacturing plants
- Other Industrial applications where ultrapure water monitoring is essential

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