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Image of power lines in Texas

Who Turned Out The Lights?

Lately, there's been a lot of news in regards to power generation reliability (or lack thereof) with major problems occurring in California and Texas. Part of the problem is a result of political policies rather than economic factors, and part of the problem is truly economical in nature. Coal plants are being phased out to make room for more efficient gas-fired plants and politically-correct renewable energy sources such as solar and wind-power (with nuclear power being the other clean energy source no one ever wants to talk about). However, supply hasn't caught up with demand especially during severe weather events such as ice storms or heat waves. Now, California is experiencing a drop in hydro-power availability due to yet another extended drought. Because that's never happened in California before! 🙄

Providing the nation with reliable, cost-effective electricity is becoming an ever-challenging proposition and we no longer can presume our electricity supply will always be there when we need it to be. Add to this quandary the retirement of many experienced operators and technicians, and you have the makings of uncertainty and a lower quality-of-life for future generations. 

However, all is not doom-and-gloom. Martek is still here providing the analytical tools and know-how to assist in the power generation market (and the semi-conductor and pharmaceutical industries) to accomplish their missions and keep the lights on until technology and economy-of-scale guarantee the reliable, cost-effective energy we have come to expect. 

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