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Introducing a new type of water quality analyzer

Today, Martek announces the release of the re-designed Mark 24 Four Channel Water Quality Analyzer. Featuring a menu-driven, multi-language color display, the Mark 24 offers up to four channels of conductivity and/or pH as well as a variety of calculated measurements and communication protocols. 

Of course, the Mark 24 Four Channel Analyzer works with existing Martek sensors so field upgrades from existing Martek analyzers are easy and affordable. In addition, the Mark 24 Analyzer has been incorporated into two new panels: The Mark 24 Cation Conductivity Panel (featuring a calculated pH measurement) and the Mark 24 Degassed Cation Conductivity Panel

With the introduction of the re-designed Mark 24 Analyzer, Martek continues to provide the analytical tools necessary for the efficient and economical operation of water quality process systems. 

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