Value-added service

We often hear about "value-added service." But what exactly does it mean? Often times, its meaning differs from what the vendor believes it means from what the customer believes it should mean. 

To me, value-added service means actions that go beyond the "standard" business transaction that occurs between seller and buyer. It means providing service and support to enable the end-user to successfully utilize the product to its maximum efficiency while improving the quality-of-life of the user via the product's analytical capabilities. In other words: "Making Technology Work."

In addition to manufacturing and marketing our own products, Martek has reached out to other companies such as Thermo Fisher Scientific and Hach Company in order to offer the best analytical products our industry has to offer for the power generation market. And we offer not only products, but the technical support necessary to help our customers succeed.

In the near future, we will be providing more information in regards to these other companies' capabilities. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding ultra pure water analysis, give us a call. 


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